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In 2001, Christine Anziani visited an exhibition of the photographer André Villers, creator of photocollages, and there she discovers a way to tell stories in a different way by juxtaposing images coming from different universes.
Then, she explores the large potential and diversity of this technique, Prevert said it was « ideal to one who doesn’t know drawing ».
Contrast between complexity and simplicity,the line and the material,shapes and colors illustrates twists and turns of her imagination.
The artwork springs up thanks to an image seen in a magazine, whose atmosphere introduces to another and another …
Then she plays, combines, juxtaposes, slips, coordinates and makes them consistent and suddenly a strange portrait or a mysterious fancy story appears.
Other artists, from Max Ernst to the Fluxus, Matisse or the chinese Masters, and even fairy tales and legends have influenced her and lead her after years of development to her own language to become a collagist.
Through an emotional and sensorial experience that she wants to share with the audience, she offers a medium for each one to travel in a personal or universal phantasmagorical world.

Solo and Duo exhibitions :

2016   Galerie La Ralentie Paris  (Duo avec Anael Chadli)

2015   La Teinturerie Lieu Privé Roubaix

Galerie du Musée Marins et Capitaines Ile d’Arz Morbihan (Duo avec Emmanuel de Cockborne)

2014   American School of Paris Saint Cloud

2013   L’Eté Contemporain Librairie Les Papiers Collés Draguignan

Group exhibitions :


La Sévrienne des Arts Sèvres

Biennale d’Art Singulier Saint Junien


Salon de l’Automne Guérande


Galerie La Ralentie Paris

Espace Chanorier Croissy-sur-Seine


L’Art à petits prix Artothèque Persan

Vœux d’Artistes Marseille

Corps et Âme Galerie La Ralentie Paris

L’Eté Contemporain Draguignan

Exposition Hommage à Jiri Kolar Centre Culturel Tchèque Paris


Biennale d’Art Contemporain Nogent-sur-Marne

Jeanne O’Contemporain Orléans

Art Fair Toronto

Marché de l’Art St-Germain-en-Laye


Charity Auction of Rotary Club during Chic ARTFAIR Paris

Marché d’Art Contemporain Chatou

Salon d’Automne AlteRnaTive Paris

18° Salon du Collage Contemporain Paris

Galerie Talbot Paris


Galerie Les Vergers de l’Art Paris

Art residencies:

2013  Venasque France

2014  Can Serrat Spain


La liberté est un collage: Hommage à Jiri Kolar Sous la direction de P.J.Varet (Ed.P.J.Varet) p26

Paysages écrits Mai 2013 N°16


Born in 1954, lives and works in Vannes (France).

She has worked extensively and learned by herself before following the instruction of Luc Favard , collagist, Catherine Charlot, painter and collagist, and Christian Tual, painter.